Inside the Tomkat Honeymoon

November 21, 2006 By:
Inside the Tomkat Honeymoon

After Tomkat's star studded production this past weekend in Bracciano, Italy, the newlyweds flew over 4,500 miles for 10 hours to the glorious Maldive Islands. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are currently in the Maldives enjoying their honeymoon--along with baby Suri. Did we mention that Tom's best man also accompanied them on their honeymoon?

According to People, sources reveal "Mr. and Mrs. Cruise were smiling so much," says a source who spotted the honeymooners at the Maldives airport, adding that they brought about 40 pieces of luggage and lots of toys. "They looked very happy." Wonder what major production is in store in the Maldives?

The Maldives are known as "a string of pearls," it has over a 1,000 tropical and coral islands. According to the weather report, it looks like the newlyweds can expect rain during their stay, but that's just tropical rain so the showers are typically scattered and brief. What's up with Tomkat and the rain? Italians believe its good luck but I highly doubt that's the case in the Maldives.

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