Holmes to Play Victoria Beckham

September 21, 2006 By:
Holmes to Play Victoria Beckham

Talk about a stretch! Katie Holmes may be playing Victoria Beckham in a film about her husband David Beckham's life. Katie is reportedly "moved" at the opportunity to play the former Spice Girl.

An insider told Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "Tom has a brilliant grasp of what the public want to see and thought David's story was wonderful. A football star emerges from humble origins, there's drama within the matches and romance in his love affair with Victoria at the height of her pop star fame. The quartet have become very close friends and the Beckhams would only be happy about their story being used if Tom and Katie were involved."

"Katie is perfect to play a young Posh and has been working on her accent," blabbed the source.

There are also rumors that Tom Cruise will be the producer of the film. So my question is whose gonna play David Beckham? Can I pick? I think David should just play David and have many many nude scenes. That will surely be a hit! As far as Katie playing Posh, um I don't know, I'm really not feeling it.