Another Baby Suri Sighting

August 13, 2006 By:
Another Baby Suri Sighting

Another so-called Baby Suri sighting! The Cruise family was apparently invited to a roller-skating rink where Will Smith and Jada Pinkett celebrated their son Jaden Smiths birthday. A big mouthed snitch reveals the same thing about Baby Suri that everyone else has said:

"Suri is a beautiful baby. She had no deformities that I could see! She has a gorgeous head full of dark, curly hair, and she resembles both parents, though she looks slightly more like Tom."

Doesn’t that damn line feel so repetitive? I bet Tom pays these “eyewitnesses” to say all this stuff. In other news x17online managed to snap some photos of baby Suri. They aren’t so clear but from what I see it doesn’t look like the baby has a full set of black curly hair so I don’t know what everyone keeps saying.

One last note on these pictures. We have posted the alien pictures so much on our site that I felt like Suri was actually an alien. It kinda felt weird seeing the other pics of an actual human being.