Tom to Katie: Stay Away From Posh

April 13, 2008 By:
Tom to Katie: Stay Away From Posh

Katie Holmes has been shrinking in the last few months. She has lost a lot of weight and her husband Tom is apparently blaming Victoria Beckham for it.

"Katie sees Victoria as a role model," a source told the UK Daily Mail. "She copies Victoria's look and even cut her hair the same way.

Apparently she is really thin because she is following the same diet Posh follows. Aww how cute, she wants to be just like Posh.

"She is very thin largely because she is following Victoria's strict 900-calories-a-day eating plan. She is copying Victoria's fad of eating seaweed shakes, frozen grapes and edamame beans. She is tiny."

There is something fishy about this story, because just the other day we were discussing how Posh and Katie have not really been hanging out since the Beckhams moved to the U.S. They were “Very close” right before their move but once they stepped foot on U.S. soil, things went sour between Katie and Posh.