22 Times Tom Hiddleston Was the Most Charming Badass

February 21, 2014 By:
22 Times Tom Hiddleston Was the Most Charming Badass
Image By: Getty Images / Mike Windle

Tom Hiddleston, ladies and gents. May we present to you all the times he was just the most charming badass to grace our planet.


1. When he gracefully removed his fedora.


Watch out, people, we've got a badass in a sexy hat over here!


2. When he was an unapologetic boss at singing.

He's not hitting every note, but who cares!? Not this badass.


3. When he offered a freezing reporter his jacket on the red carpet.



4. When he gave bowties a new reason to exist.

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images


5. When he took a bath.


Wearing a boot.


6. When he grinned the biggest effing grin of grins.


He's the charmed prince of grinning.


7. When he shook his hips.


While rocking a Thor shirt. *faints*


8. When he showed his true colors.



9. When he was the world’s best babysitter.



10. When he struck this dashing pose.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images


11. When he said THIS in English.



12. Or when he said THIS in French.



13. When he “rode” this motorcycle WITHOUT a helmet.

Barry King/FilmMagic


14. When he basically levitated on stage.

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage


15. Anytime he’s this guy.



16. When he showed up at Comic-Con in character.



17. When he “Weeeee!”-ed his way into our hearts.



18. When he put the entire world in its place with a single gesture.

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19. When he made you wish you were that toothpick.



20. When his eyes burned holes through the cover of a magazine.

Telegraph Magazine


21. When he rocked the living hell out of this wide collar coat.

Tomo Brejc


22. When he was a charming badass and he knew it.