Tom Hanks Says 'F*CK' on Live TV!

October 19, 2012 By:
Tom Hanks Says 'F*CK' on Live TV!

Good f**king Morning, America!

That was the message viewers – many of them children – got tuning in to an episode of “Good Morning America” on Friday. During an interview, Tom Hanks, actor extraordinaire, took on the role of potty mouth as he accidentally dropped an F-Bomb on the live show.

It was a grade-A slip up that no justification or sequel to Toy Story could make right.

The incident happened during a sit down with “GMA” interviewer Elizabeth Vargas, as Hanks went into a voice from his new role as Dr. Henry Goose in Cloud Atlas.

When a brief “f*ckin” wiggled through in the actor’s accented rant, he immediately slapped a hand over his mouth as Vargas’ eyeballs grew to the size of small planets.

Despite Vargas’ desperate attempts to move the conversation along, Hanks decided that it would be a good idea to dwell on the throbbing blunder as much as possible.

“Man, oh man… I’m sorry, I slipped into a brand of acting,” said Hanks. “I want to apologize for the kids in America that are watching this right now.”

Hanks continued his sincere apology on Twitter, justifying the honest mistake by the fact that he “in character.”

"For GMA, spesh kowtow for Lizzie V for WHAT DID I JUST SAY??? Oops!In character!Sorry!Hanx"

Hanks, being the world-class comedy act that he is, managed to spin the – for lack of better term – f*ck up into a lighthearted joke right there on the spot.

“Let me just say that next time I'm on this show there will be a seven second delay,” he said.

To be fair to Tom, he was egged on by Vargas. In fact, Hanks warned her that the impression was mostly curses even before going into to the part.

Here’s a clip of the Hanks blooper. WARNING: This is NOT censored, so cover your ears kiddies…