Tom Hanks Reveals Toy Story 4 Is Happening

June 28, 2011 By:
Tom Hanks Reveals Toy Story 4 Is Happening

Find another family member under ten—you’re going to need an excuse to see yet another Toy Story movie. Hollyscoop talked to Toy Story veteran Tom Hanks, and he’s just revealed that a fourth one is in the works.

As if I didn’t cry enough from the third. Uh…I mean…as if my niece didn’t cry enough. When asked whether there’s another film to look forward to, Tom said:

“I think there will be, yeah. I think they’re working on it now.” Tom told Hollyscoop at the Larry Crowne movie premiere in Los Angeles: “I hope they need me.”

But as for a storyline, Tom kept tight-lipped, telling us: “It’s top secret. They keep that under wraps.”

And Hanks is partial to one character in particular:

“Woody was fantastic. I loved playing a puppet. I think he’s better than Buzz Lightyear. I just hope he holds on to his hat.”

Tom told HS his favorite from the franchise has been the second.

“Toy Story 2 made me cry when they sang that song about Jesse the Cowgirl. That was a sad song.”

But not only was Toy Story 3 the most successful of the series, it’s been the highest grossing animation movie of all time, with its revenue-to-date being over $1 billion.