Tom Hanks Reveals His Marriage Secret

May 6, 2011 By:
Tom Hanks Reveals His Marriage Secret

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts both star in the upcoming Larry Crowne movie, and Hanks says it’s his coolest role yet.

"I picked it out solely because -- she plays my teacher, I play her student -- I have never looked cooler in a motion picture before than in this scene.”
I don’t know, that “Lieutenant Dan!” wave in Forest Gump was pretty badass.

Hanks also recently revealed his secret to a happy marriage with wife of twenty-three years Rita Wilson on Oprah: “I happen to still be married because I'm not an idiot," Hanks said.

Roberts told Oprah she’s kept her marriage alive because she’s simply in love, and husband Danny Moder keeps it interesting. “He gets more interesting every day." Plus, she said, "he's hot."

Hanks also revealed his secret for happiness: "Tell the truth," said Hanks. "That's the secret of happiness. If you tell the truth everything will work out."

He also made a cameo on 'Jimmy Kimmel' last night. Check out the video below...