Tom Hanks Eats Chili and Does The Mambo on Spanish TV

June 22, 2011 By:
Tom Hanks Eats Chili and Does The Mambo on Spanish TV

Most celebs promote a new movie by touring the press junkets, stopping by the late night shows, and maybe the weirdest thing would be going to Comic-Con. But not for actor, writer, director Tom Hanks as he spent a long time this morning on Spanish speaking US morning show, Despierta America, doing everything but promoting his new film Larry Crowne.

I’m guessing that Hanks was a guest on the Spanish morning show to promote his movie, but he mostly just fooled around on the weather report, ate hot peppers on the cooking segment, and made fun of his translator’s deep voice.

The weather girl pulled Hanks over to the weather segment and while she was trying to tell viewers the temperature in Phoenix, Hanks immediately started dancing? It was like someone told Hanks that the only way to avoid the language barrier was to just dance nonstop, even when it’s not appropriate, keep dancing.

While continuing to dance, Hanks attempted to help the weather girl but he couldn’t find Atlanta on the map. He started pointing somewhere off the coast of California and was finally led to the to the right spot on the map all while doing the electric slide.

Later on the show he appeared in a cooking segment where he repeated words he recognized like “cilantro” and “quesadilla.” Hanks looks like he had no idea what has happening, but fended it off well by waving his hands above his head a lot and talking louder than everyone else.

During the cooking segment he ate a very hot pepper and without shedding a tear chanted, “Viva Mexico” while the audience laughed. When the show’s host started choking on the pepper, Hanks just pointed and laughed.

Overall, it was the weirdest TV appearance we’ve seen from Hanks, but even with the language disparities Hanks was still his charismatic self and I couldn’t stop watching.