Tom Green's Advice for Celebrity Apprentice Contestants

March 29, 2011 By:
Tom Green's Advice for Celebrity Apprentice Contestants

Funnyman Tom Green was one of the most memorable stars on season 2 of Celebrity Apprentice, and he told HOLLYSCOOP he has some advice for this season’s candidates:

“Get fired as soon as possible.”

Sounds easy enough! Since getting the legendary “you’re fired” jab from Donald Trump, Tom Green has been touring nonstop, recently returning from a trip to Afghanistan where he performed for U.S. and Canadian troops.

“We went to some pretty remote areas,” Green told Hollyscoop. “It was a surreal, amazing experience.”

Green has been doing standup professionally since he was fifteen, when his act included “cereal commercials and Saturday morning cartoons”. These days he has a lot more to draw on. Green will be shooting a one-hour Showtime Comedy Special in June.

And while his wacky prankster days might be over, Green says his favorite target—his parents—had it coming.

“My parents deserved to be pranked. They drew first blood when they told me to do my homework, when they told me I had to shovel the driveway or mow the lawn. That was them starting it.”

In addition to standup, Green has also been hosting the "the highest rated, longest running, and only talk show on the internet", Tom Green’s House Tonight. The show takes place in Green’s home studio, and he’s interviewed everyone from Pam Anderson to the late Ed McMahon.

“I’ve been doing the show for several years. I’ve got all sorts of different guests on there; it’s a fun thing.”

Green continues his tour in Burbank, and will be making stops in Pittsburg, Louisville, Tampa and Alberta. Tour dates, as well as video from his talk show, can be viewed at