Video: Tom Cruise Shows Off Dance Moves at Friend's Wedding

October 6, 2011 By:
Video: Tom Cruise Shows Off Dance Moves at Friend's Wedding

Tom Cruise killed it on the dance floor over the weekend. Say what you will about the guy, but he's got moves. And energy. A whole lot of energy.

Tom and Katie Holmes headed to Palm Springs over the weekend to celebrate the wedding of their friends, Sandy Modic and David Ellison. A source told Page Six:

"Suri went to bed before the reception, and then Tom had a dance-off with a few of the guys in the wedding party.”

Ellison is the executive producer for Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol and is also the son of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who is the third richest man in the United Stactes. Modic is an actress.

At the reception, one of Ellison's friends called Tom out for a dance war. Not one to back down from anything, Cruise accepted. He stomped the hell out of that floor, and there wasn't even a couch on it.

Cruise took the dance floor to do the worm, and the crowd went crazy. The other guy then did some kind of weird monkey move that I can hardly describe as dancing. It was like he was just trying to move his arms and legs as fast as possible, hoping that somewhere in all of the flailing was something that could be passed off as a dance move. Whenever you hear old, rich people talking about how they're still living life to the fullest-this is what they're talking about. Going to a wedding, drinking too much and pretending they know how to dance. Sometimes, Tom Cruise is there.

As Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger played in the background, the guy also did a half-ass cartwheel. He proved that he did indeed have moves like Jagger. As long as we're talking about the old as hell, present-day Mick Jagger. Cruise danced around a little bit more before hugging it out with the guy.

Okay, I'm done ribbing on a total stranger. Back to Tom Cruise. Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol is set to be released on IMAX screens starting December 16. A poster for the sequel was released recently, and it shows Cruise hanging off the side of a building.

Cruise returns to the big screen as Ethan Hunt. He's joined in the flick by Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton. Jeremey Renner and Tom Wilkinson are also added onto the bill.

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