Tom Cruises' New Film Trailer Released At The Perfect Time

July 3, 2012 By:

Tom Cruise has been a trending topic since it was announced on Friday that his wife, Katie Holmes, had filed for divorce. Now, the least he can do is use the heartbreaking news for some shameless self-promotion.

Enter the trailer for Tom's new movie, Jack Reacher…

The trailer opens on an engine revving, which continues … A voice cuts in. A battered man in a hospital bed speaks to the camera.

“There’s this guy…” the man says. “He doesn’t care about the law. He only cares about what’s right. He knows what I did…”

Meanwhile a series of epic shots play out on screen… We see Tom - surely the “guy” the beaten man is referring to - who puts on a leather jacket. We see Tom’s hand on a gearshift. Then, a hot orange Chevy Super Sport muscle car peals out onto a city street for no apparent reason. And yes… Tom is behind the wheel.

Then comes Tom’s voice…

“You think I’m a hero?” he asks. “I am not a hero. And, if you’re smart, that scares you.”

Aside from the fact that this trailer makes absolutely no sense, it does conclude on the high note of a slapstick street fight. Cruise punches and kicks as many male genitals that he can get his hands on…

For those of you as confused as I am, Jack Reacher is about an ex-army cop (played by Cruise) who is looking into a case in order to confirm an accused man’s responsibility for sniper crimes similar to Beltway attacks of 2002 in Washington D.C.

The film is based on a character and story by British author Lee Child. Jack Reacher is a character that appeared in 18 of Child’s books (leaving plenty of room for sequels). The novel that the film is based on is titled One Shot.

Jack Reacher was directed and written for the screen by Christopher McQuarrie. The film opens this December.