Tom Cruise's Life To Be Revealed

January 7, 2008 By:
Tom Cruise's Life To Be Revealed

Former tabloid journalist Andrew Morton has written a tell-all book about Tom Cruise that probably won't go over so well with him. It dishes all sorts of dirt on Tom regarding his past loves, his sexuality, and how involved he really is with Scientology.

The book also speculates that Suri is the daughter of L. Ron Hubbard, the guy who founded Scientology. I have no problems making fun of Tom because he kind of brings it on himself, but leave little Suri out of it!

Meanwhile, Tom's peeps are fighting back at the journalist claiming that "The guy is a liar,” says one source who is very familiar with Morton’s writing process. “It’s shocking what little legitimacy any of his work has.”

Whatever the case is, Morton better be prepared to receive a ton of lawsuits from Tom and Scientologists.