Tom Cruise Wants To Turn Hudson River Crash Into Movie

January 20, 2009 By:
Tom Cruise Wants To Turn Hudson River Crash Into Movie

The plane crash into the Hudson River only happened a week ago, and it’s already being considered for a movie adaptation. And Tom Cruise wants to make it happen! Tom Cruise is a pilot in his spare time, and says he has a lot of admiration for Captain Sullenberger for the way he landed the aircraft.

Tom says he can’t believe the outcome of the terrible situation, which could have ended a lot worse. He says, "It's remarkable."

Tom recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight, and told them about his plans to turn the headline into a script. He said, "I was with people today and they said, 'There's a movie in here.' I'm thinking about that."

The actor is also thinking about calling Capt. Sullenberger personally - to express his admiration for the job his fellow pilot did: "To have done such a heroic job... I know what it's like, because we train for emergencies and then for it to happen and to have it turn out the way it did - that's how we want them all to end."

Captain Sullenberger must be so honored! Although it does seem a little soon after the fact to already be making a movie about it, we think it could work. The only problem is that we already know the outcome! And good thing it ended the way it did!