Tom Cruise Responds to 'Acting Is like War' Comment

November 11, 2013 By:
Tom Cruise Responds to 'Acting Is like War' Comment
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Last week, transcripts from Tom Cruise’s deposition in the Tom-Cruise-didn’t-abandon-Suri-Cruise-lawsuit leaked to the Internet and according to Tom (in his own words), he compared “acting” to “fighting in Afghanistan.”

To add insult to injury, today is Veteran’s Day and sorry Tom Cruise but your acting work in Born on the Fourth of July does not qualify you to be honored today. 

Now Tom’s team is doing massive damage control, claiming that Tom never made those statements and that his words were taken out of context.

Tom's lawyer Bert Fields released another section from the deposition that will clear Tom’s reputation.

In the deposition Tom was asked, “Do you believe the situations [being in a movie and fighting a war in Afghanistan] are the same?” and Tom reportedly said, “Oh come on.”

So TMZ didn’t release the full transcript and it seems like Tom got suckered into saying acting is as “brutal” as going to war and then was asked to clarify, at which point he said, “Oh come on.”

So nothing is REALLY clear here except that Tom Cat does understand the difference between movies about the war and actually going to war.