Tom Cruise Not Popular At Theatres Anymore

June 28, 2010 By:
Tom Cruise Not Popular At Theatres Anymore

It was not a great weekend at the box office for Tom Cruise. His movie ‘Knight and Day’ brought in a measly $20.5 million for the weekend, while 'Toy Story 3' raked in $59 million and Adam Sandler’s 'Grown Ups' $41 million.

"This was the worst opening for a Cruise action movie in 20 years," an industry insider tells Popeater. "I just don't see how even the eerily eternally optimistic Tom can see this as anything but very bad news, maybe even the end of Tom's long career."

Is Tom Cruise Losing His Movie Mojo?

At one point Tom was guaranteed to be a box office hit, but these days he can’t seem to draw a crowd.

His last few movies such as 'Lion For Lambs' and 'Valkyrie,' have been box office flops and ‘Knight and Day’ was no different.

“People have turned on the once beloved actor and don't want to spend two hours with him anymore," one producer said. "I have never in my years in biz seen such venom for an actor. Tom has become the poster child of everything creepy. After this weekend he must be worried that his career is over."

Tom Cruise is a superstar, but for some strange reason people don’t enjoy watching him in movies anymore. Maybe when he reprises his role as Les Grossman people will fall in love with him again.