Tom Cruise New Musical Star – Wanted On Glee

June 11, 2012 By:
Tom Cruise New Musical Star – Wanted On Glee

There used to be a time when everyone in Hollywood wanted a cameo on “Glee.”

There was practically a waiting line to make a celebrity appearance on the show and now there’s a hot new star wanted by the music theater world…Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise makes his musical debut in Rock of Ages and reveals a lot of truth-bombs about his new musical career.

The superstar sings a ton in the new flick (he’s really good at it, btw) and told Hollyscoop, “I did make an album.” Well, we scoured the Internet and it seems like the only album he made was the soundtrack for the film, but he did tell us that he’s hoping to make another movie musical saying “that would be fun.”

Mark Salling who plays Puck (hot mohawk guy) on “Glee” tells us that now that the world knows Cruise’s musical talents the next step is to get him to appear on “Glee.”

“I love it. Already sold! Absolutely, I mean Tom Cruise to do 'Glee?' It would be a monumental episode,” says Salling.

Now how do you get an A-Lister like Cruise to appear on your show?

“I think if it happened, it would be organically,” confesses Salling, “This would be the way to do it…’Tom Cruise, holler at 'Glee!’ How about that?”

Did you hear that, Tom Cruise? 'Glee' wants you to “holler” at them. Got it? We’re trying to help you broker a deal - We'll have our people call your people.

Tom's rep has not yet responded to our request for comment.