Tom Cruise on Katie Holmes: It Was Love at First Sight

June 8, 2010 By:
Tom Cruise on Katie Holmes: It Was Love at First Sight

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes surprised us all by staying together for so long. After the couch jumping fiasco, we all thought the relationship was all for publicity. Everyone thought it was fake except Tom Cruise himself.

Tom admits that he instantly fell in love when he met Katie.

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He told OK! magazine: “I knew that I wanted to marry her after the first day I met her.

“What’s even more interesting is that Katie confessed that when she was a teenager she dreamt of marrying me. Doesn’t it seem incredible?”

That doesn't sound that incredible. It actually sounds pretty creepy if you ask us.

Tom also talked about his bromance with David Beckham. He explained: “David and I became friends from the very start. I really admire him as a person, father, husband, and athlete. He’s absolutely fantastic."

Tom Cruise has really chilled out ever since Suri was born and we couldn't be happier. It was sort of freaky seeing him act crazy.