Tom Cruise Is Not John Edwards

July 22, 2010 By:
Tom Cruise Is Not John Edwards

John Edwards has had one heck of a scandalous life, so it doesn't surprise us that they would wanna make a movie based on his life.

There have been rumors floating around the net that there is a movie being developed based on the former presidential candidate's downfall and they are looking at Tom Cruise to play Edwards in the film.

Hollyscoop contacted Tom Cruise's rep, who immediately shot down any involvement on Tom's behalf telling us, “There is no truth to this.”

Edwards' long time aide Andrew Young, who wrote a book titled The Politician has reportedly made a deal with a writer and producer Aaron Sorkin to turn the book into a film.

If you guys recall, Young is the man who helped Edwards hide his mistress during the time she was pregnant with Edwards' child.