Tom Cruise Is Not Dead!

October 16, 2008 By:
Tom Cruise Is Not Dead!

Despite the weird rumors going around that Tom Cruise has passed away, he is alive and well! His publicist Jeff Raymond put the rumors to rest that Tom had plunged to his death, falling off the Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand. Who would make that up?!

Here’s what Raymond had to say: "This is completely not true. Tom is not in New Zealand nor has he been there recently. This is erroneous and unreliable internet garbage."

In fact, Tom is in New York this week to see Katie in the official opening of All My Sons. So whoever started this rumor should have picked a different week. Not the week that we know Tom and Katie will be photographed everywhere they go!

This is exactly what happened to Tom Hanks a couple of years ago, when rumors were going around that he had passed. What a vicious thing to start! Glad Tom’s alive and well.