Tom Cruise in Motorcycle Accident

March 8, 2010 By:
Tom Cruise in Motorcycle Accident

Tom Cruise was involved in a motorcycle accident on Oscar Sunday in Los Angeles, but luckily he left the scene unharmed.

Cruise was cruising through the city when another car drove through a stop sign in front of him, forcing him to swerve and hit another car.

Just like his movies, he got up and limped but refused to go to the hospital to get treated for his minor injuries, reports

His red Ducati motorcycle was mangled in the crash and the website reports the bike's gears were "completely torn to shreds on the left side."

Cruise has so much money he could easily replace his bike in no time, but the important thing is that he's okay and unharmed.

UPDATE: Tom's rep, via his Twitter, has confirmed that the incident is totally false:

Some of you may have heard/seen via the Internet that Tom was involved in a motorcycle accident today. To set the record straight, this story has no basis in reality what-so-ever...Tom tells us he hasn’t been on his bike in days due to the weather, but when it clears up, look out.