Tom Cruise Has NOT Abandoned Suri Cruise

July 19, 2012 By:

Magazine “Life & Style” has alleged that Suri Cruise has been “abandoned by her dad” and Tom Cruise's attorney, Bert Fields, considers those fighting words.

It’s true that Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in person in awhile, but I wouldn’t say he abandoned her as the father-daughter duo were spotted together yesterday. According to People it has been a month since Tom saw Suri last because he was celebrating his sad birthday in Iceland and then filming “Oblivion” up in central California.

Earlier today, Tom and Suri were spotted out in NY heading to a gymnastics class and then getting onto Tom’s private helicopter to fly out of NYC. No idea where they were heading.

In case photo evidence of Tom NOT abandoning Suri wasn’t enough for you, Tom’s lawyer just released this statement to Hollyscoop.

“The tabloids are at it again, trying to make a buck by publishing more grotesquely false claims about Tom Cruise. For example, a sleazy magazine calling itself ‘Life & Style’ has a bogus cover headline that Suri has been “Abandoned by her dad,” Tom’s lawyer released in a statement.

“As anyone knows who saw their photos together yesterday and today, is a disgusting, vicious lie. Until this week, Tom was shooting a film on location, but he spoke to Suri every day. He’s with Suri right now; and he was with her the day before Life & Style trumpeted their cruelly false accusation.”

Although Suri has been seen exclusively with her mom for the past several weeks, and sure, we were all wondering when she was finally going to step out with her dad, but nobody thought Tom Cruise was a bad father.