Tom Cruise Gets Restraining Order Against Veteran

December 12, 2008 By:
Tom Cruise Gets Restraining Order Against Veteran

Yesterday an Iraq war veteran, who tried to hand deliver a letter to Tom Cruise at his Beverly Hills home, was handed a restraining order in return.

Edward Van Tassal showed up to Cruise's house twice last week alone. Once on December 3rd and again on December 7th in an effort to get Cruise to help veterans. Unfortunately for Tassal, third time was not the charm and he was handed a restraining order.

While we think it's great that Tassal served in Iraq and wants to get someone like Tom Cruise, who stars in German war flick Valkyrie, involved in his cause, he went about the approach in the wrong way. Anyone who shows up on Tom Cruise's doorstep three times in one week is bound to get a restraining order, regardless of the reason for the visit.

Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge George Eskin issued a restraining order against Van Tassel, 29, who was arrested last for brandishing a gun on a freeway overpass.

Cruise's attorney Bert Fields said: "Tom didn't even know about it, and the judge did the right thing - you've got to respect the judge for it. But it was not something Tom applied for."

Fields added that his client "feels very strongly about veterans of not only the Iraq war, but any veterans of war, and that they should be taken care of."

Despite what the media makes him out to be, Tom is considered one of the most generous actors in the industry, if Tassal had gone through Tom's "people" instead of going straight to the source, he probably would have had a great deal of luck getting him involved in Veteran causes.