Tom Cruise's Drunken Neighbor Stumbles Into Trouble

October 29, 2012 By:
Tom Cruise's Drunken Neighbor Stumbles Into Trouble

It was a bad night for Tom Cruise and an even worse one for his booze-thirsty neighbor.

On Sunday, the actor’s neighborhood on Caya Vista Drive in Los Angeles was victim to some drama. During the sloppy scene, a man apparently got really drunk, stumbled onto the Rock of Ages star’s property, and was Tazed by a security guard.

Hollyscoop spoke to a rep at Beverly Hills PD to get the scoop on what exactly went down. The rep confirms that the man being described as a “prowler” was trespassing. 

“Upon arrival, officers contacted a lone male suspect who was attempted to leave the location,” the source tells HS

The resident apparently thought it would be a good idea to hop the fence to Tom’s property where a security guard was waiting for him with a Tazer gun locked and loaded. And, as is normally the case in a drunk guy versus Taser gun situation, the man went down without a hitch. 

“The security officer used a Taser device to stop the suspect,” the rep adds. “The suspect was taken into custody for trespassing on a private persons arrest by the security officer.”

Police are currently unable to confirm the identity of the drunken fellow. The man was transported to a local hospital where he received treatment for the Taser gun impact and was able to sober up, likely coming to with a bad headache and a nasty case of regret. 

And, though we were hoping for some Ghost Protocol action against the intruder from Cruise himself, alas…He was not around to do so.

“Neither Mr. Cruise nor any of his family members were home at the time of the incident,” the rep says.