Tom Cruise Bares His Fantastic Booty in 'Rock of Ages'

April 26, 2012 By:
Tom Cruise Bares His Fantastic Booty in 'Rock of Ages'

The opening scene in “Rock of Ages” is just Tom Cruise’s ass. Back frontal baby! Ew? Awesome?

This would be great news if it were 1983 and “Risky Business” was still a thing, but now…ehhhh, not so much.

Anyways, “Rock of Ages” director Adam Shankman confirms to the LA Times that Cruise flashes his backside in the film.

“We were filming a scene and I told him, ‘You do know when I come around, I’m gonna see your [butt]?’” says Shankman, “And he’s like, ‘Is there any way to shoot around it?’ and I said, ‘No.’ And he said, ‘How is it?’ and I said, ‘it’s fantastic.’ And he said, ‘Ok, well then let’s shoot it.’”

Also, from what little we can see of Cruise in the trailer, he also gets shirtless and plays a total bad boy 80’s rock star.

Cruise has said he had lunch with Jon Bon Jovi to research what rockers were like, but since Bon Jovi is about a hard-rock as Justin Bieber is gangster, Cruise just had to make-up his rockstar image for the flick.

“It wasn’t so much that there was a rock star I wanted him to emulate,” says Shankman, “It was the fact that these guys lived in a world where no one said ‘no’ to them, during a period where they were not conscious of things like AIDS. They were literally children run amok.”

“If he can pull this off, people will go crazy,” says Shankman, “It’s a real performance. It’s an incredible show of talents no one ever thought he had.”