Tom Cruise Back To Work While Lawyer Works National Enquirer

July 12, 2012 By:
Tom Cruise Back To Work While Lawyer Works National Enquirer

Salacious stories about celebrities is like the National Enquirer’s bread and butter, but unlike its usual “Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s Alien Baby” this new headline about Tom Cruise is pretty screwed up.

The National Enquirer recently printed a headline accusing Tom Cruise of being an “monster" who “abused” Katie and Suri in his “House of Horrors.”

Oh right, I’m supposed to believe that the same guy who lovingly jumped on Oprah’s couch was also running a small time "House of Horrors?" C’mon!

They also alleged that Tom kept Suri hiding for five months in a tiny, windowless room, which is totally untrue because Katie Holmes gets photographed with Suri at the grocery store about once per week.

Anyway, Cruise's attorney Bert Fields fired off a letter to National Enquirer publisher American Media citing that the article is “disgraceful and lurid” and will cause the actor “hundreds of millions of dollars of professional and personal damages” and demanding a retraction.

While Tom’s lawyer is waiting for a response from National Enquirer, Tom is keeping busy filming his new flick “Oblivion.”

His son Connor headed up to the Mammoth Lakes set to provide his dad with moral support during this tumultuous period for the actor. That being said, Tom was all smiles and looked surprisingly upbeat.

Meanwhile, the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes drama thickens! Well, kind of.

The Sussex, England home that Katie and Tom shared is reportedly about to go up for sale.

The two own several homes and one of them is this six bed house that the couple purchased in 2006 just after their wedding.

This place comes with an indoor swimming pool, underground garage, sports pavilion, games rooms, and a greenhouse.

Fun Fact: The house is down the street from the UK Scientology headquarters. Oooo creepy.