Tom Cruise Asks All Scientologists to See Valkyrie

November 28, 2008 By:
Tom Cruise Asks All Scientologists to See Valkyrie

When in doubt, just ask your people to go see your movie! That’s what Tom Cruise is doing with his movie Valkyrie, which opens today in theaters. The movie has been getting less than par reviews, and Tom’s performance has been called “laughable.”

But to ensure there’s just a few million people that will see Valkyrie, Tom has called on all Scientologists to see the movie when it opens on December 26th. There’s 8 million of them, so that would really help out sales! Star magazine reports, “Scientologists always go in droves to watch Tom’s movies-only this time it’s on an international level.”

The mag also says that the faith “is really growing overseas, and Tom is using that to make sure his film does well in Europe and Asia.”

We have a feeling Valkyrie will be killed at the box office by not only Benjamin Button, but Marley & Me too!