Tom Cruise and Scientology Tell-All TV Documentary On the Way

December 11, 2012 By:
Tom Cruise and Scientology Tell-All TV Documentary On the Way

Tom Cruise and Scientology are the subjects of a brand new investigative tell-all documentary.

According to Celebuzz, Tony Ortega, a longtime investigator of the Church of Scientology and the former editor of The Village Voice, has teamed up with Britain’s Channel 4 to produce the TV special. 

The doc is reportedly going to be a one-long show and tentatively scheduled for a March 2013 airdate. 

Filming took place within American boarders, spanning from California to Texas to New York.

Hollyscoop confirms with Mr. Ortega that the documentary is underway and that he dedicated a good portion of his sources and expertise to the production. 

“I spent several weeks helping a Channel 4 crew connect with important sources for their documentary,” Ortega tells HS. “I have every confidence that this will be an important new work of journalism about the numerous crises currently gripping the Church of Scientology” 

Channel 4 is no stranger to the illusive and often scandalous field of covering Scientology, though. In 1997, the production team was involved in a back-and-forth for a documentary about L. Ron Hubbard. John Travolta reportedly begged Channel 4 controller Michael Jackson to “not attack the Scientology” at the time, but the broadcaster refused to pull the film. 

Ortega hopes the European outlet will offer a new and more in-depth perspective on the topic of Cruise and Scientology, which, he says, “American television seems incapable of doing.”

The documentary news of course comes at the height of the church yet again grabbing headlines following Tom Cruise’s high-profile divorce from Katie Holmes. The split is the third of Tom’s failed marriages, which has introduced a brand new slew of controversies.

Stories have since been reported ranging anywhere from Scientology alienating Katie and their children, to the organization auditioning girlfriends for Cruise leading up to their marriage.

Scientology, per usual, has denied most major claims against the church.