Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: A Timeline of Their Relationship

June 29, 2012 By:
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: A Timeline of Their Relationship

With the surprising news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes impending divorce, we decided to do a little recap of infamous couple and their relationship through the years.

Prequel: 2000- 2005: Katie Holmes and Chris Klein are together, engaged, then not.

April 2005: Weeks after her relationship De-Kleined, Holmes, 26, and Cruise,42, began dating, and what seemed like a whirlwind PR tour. love itself ensues. Tom lost his man card dancing on Oprah’s couch proclaiming his love for Holmes and eludes to marriage. “Coincidentally” each actor had huge movies opening that summer, War of the Worlds and Batman Begins, that they were busy promoting.

June 7, 2005: Holmes, raised Roman Catholic, admits publicly that she is learning about Cruise's chosen faith of Scientology. A couple of days later she said, “I really like it. ... I feel like I'm bettering myself."

June 17, 2005: Cruise proposes to Holmes on top of the Eiffel Tower.

October 5, 2005: There’s going to be a baby! That was quick right? Tom already had a couple of kids he adopted with his previous wife, Nicole Kidman. And Holmes is often photographed in the role of supportive stepmother.

April 2006: Here comes Suri!

October 2006: The Cruise family unites. Universally lauded as an amazingly beautiful child, Suri's first photographs were in the October 2006 issue of Vanity Fair, which sold some serious copies.

November 2006: TomKat marries in an Italian Castle in a Scientology ceremony

2006-2012: The first year was clearly the biggest in the media, so lets just sum up the rest of it here. Rumors have followed the couple implying an arranged marriage that involved some sort of possible 5 or 10 year contract for her hand. Cruise's sexuality has been in question for years, but never confirmed.

Then there’s all the speculation that Katie is sort of a kept woman, held hostage by her life choices involving a husband and a possibly spoiled as hell little girl. Regardless, the two managed to smile their toothpaste commercial worthy smiles all of all sorts of red carpets, and their friends continue to praise the couples true love and legit relationship.

Suri keeps getting cuter. The family moves to NYC and Katie has a turn on Broadway. Katie appears as nothing more than a dedicated and very fashionable mom as her and her admittedly beautiful child are photographed all around NYC doing “normal” people things. Tom continues to be a likable nice guy who makes pretty cool blockbusters. Katie and Suri seem to spend a lot of time together, without Cruise, for whatever reason.

June 29, 2012: Today brings the sad news of the divorce, and the announcement has seemingly took Cruise by total surprise. We hope that not too many feelings are totally trounced as they come to a private resolution for their very public relationship. Do you guys think Chris has called to console Katie yet? Just wondering…..