Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington Cast as Spies in New Thriller

February 11, 2009 By:
Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington Cast as Spies in New Thriller

Move over Jason Bourne! There may be a new spy thriller franchise in the works! Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington are in talks to co-star in a brand new action-packed movie. According to Variety, the two Hollywood heavyweights are joining forces for a screen adaptation of The Matarese Circle, which is a novel by Bourne writer Robert Ludlum.

The two are on board according to the Hollywood Reporter, and David Cronenberg, who directed Eastern Promises, is signed on as director.

Now for the story. Tom will attempt at perfecting his accent as he’ll play Russian spy Vasili Taleniekov, while Denzel will play American intelligence agent Brandon Scofield. The two are mortal enemies who have spent decades trying to off each other. Until now. After a political conspiracy, Taleniekov and Scofield have no option but to join forces as they fight the Matarese.

We love Denzel in anything he does, and we think this is Tom’s chance to rebuild people’s faith in him after the Valkyrie disaster. Action is where Tom belongs! Production is slated to begin later this year, with the scheduled release in 2010. If all goes well, MGM is looking at a franchise opportunity, which means sequels!