Tom and Katie Want More Kids

November 25, 2008 By:
Tom and Katie Want More Kids

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are looking to add to their family by trying for baby number two, but they want to wait until Katie’s Broadway run is over to start trying. Katie will be finished with performances early next year, and the family will go back to living in California.

Tom says, "We have already heard she’s pregnant but it’s not true. But yes, we will have more children. I’m saying this, but Kate’s not here! She’s working and we’re enjoying this time right now. It’s very precious, we don’t get this time back.”

"When Suri was born we shut everything down for months, just to be with Suri and the kids. But now I’m making movies and Kate is loving being on Broadway because it has been a dream of hers, so we are enjoying this time too."

Tom also mentioned how it came in handy that he had already done the dad thing before, but it was fun that it was Katie’s first time. He says, “It was especially nice as it was Katie’s first time. I knew the drill… it’s gas, diaper, hungry. It’s magical to have that."

It would also be “magical” if they could put a coat and pants on poor Suri one of these days! It’s freezing in New York City right now, and she’s always hanging out in a little dress! That’s like Parenting 101!