Tom and Katie Love Movie Night

April 27, 2009 By:
Tom and Katie Love Movie Night

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren’t exactly the party-types. While the rest of Hollywood is out at My House on a Saturday night, they’re relaxing at home!

Katie went solo to the Swarovski and Independent Filmmaker Project’s 30th annual gala on Sunday in New York, and unsurprisingly, the topic of conversation turned to movies!

Katie told People Magazine that one her favorite things to do with her family is watch movies on their massive television screen in the screening room at their Beverly Hills home.

She said, "It's pretty big. I love to watch movies on the big screen."

And it sounds like Tom and Katie don’t even fight over what films to watch. She told reporters that they watch just as many chick-flicks as they do action films. She says sometimes she’ll sit through a movie she’s not interested in seeing just for the sake of her hubby. What a doting wife! She says, 'll watch it anyway, and then we'll talk about it afterward."

As for Suri, it’s all about Disney right now. Katie says her obsessed began after a recent trip to Orlando in February. She says, "It was really special. My parents were there so she had Grandma and Grandpa. We had a great time. She loves Sleeping Beauty and all the Disney movies. It's great for me because I get to revisit them."

We don’t blame Tom and Katie for not wanting to go out! We’d never leave our house either if we had a screening room like they do!