Suri Cruise to Attend Catholic School

October 12, 2009 By:
Suri Cruise to Attend Catholic School

It's hard to believe that little Suri Cruise is already ready to start school, but Tom Cruise's adorable daughter will soon leave Mommy and Daddy's side and attend an Early Education class in Boston.

While Tom is a huge advocate for Scientology, their daughter will be raised a Catholic, just like her Mommy Katie Holmes.

Suri is all set to attend the Catholic Charities Yawkey Centre For Early Education And Learning in Boston, Massachusetts, while Tom shoots his latest movie Wichita in Boston.

A source tells the Daily Mail, "Katie has been listening to her parents who are devout Catholics. She is not convinced by Scientology and has told Tom that she wants Suri to be educated as a Catholic - as she was.

"They had been having huge problems agreeing on her school. To say they were having arguments it putting it mildly - but Tom came around to the idea in the end."

For the record, Tom was also raised a Catholic before he turned into a Scientologist back in 1990. We hear Katie refuses to join the sci-fi cult, and doesn't want her daughter involved in it either.

We're just excited about seeing Suri walk off to school with her cute little backpack and lunchbox. They grow up so fast!