Rumor Control: Tom Cruise Edition

September 25, 2008 By:
Rumor Control: Tom Cruise Edition

Rumor patrol here! There were reports circulating the net this week that Tom Cruise had rehired his sister Lee Anne De Vette as his publicist, but Tom's publicity firm just confirmed that the story is false.

"We at Rogers&Cowan represent Tom Cruise worldwide in the area of
publicity and public relations.," read the statement. "Lee Anne DeVette, who is his sister, is not involved in this area for her brother at all.

"As it was announced three years ago, she remains as his assistant
working in areas of his production company that do not include publicity
or public relations."

Lee Anne stopped representing Tom back in 2005 and he hired PR giant Rogers&Cowan to represent him. Although initial reports suggested Tom had fired his sister as his publicist, she's still on board with team Cruise. She now assists in "raising the profile of the good works that he does on behalf of children's health issues, mentoring, literacy and other social reforms."