'Rock Of Ages' Soundtrack: Hear Tom Cruise Sing!

June 4, 2012 By:
'Rock Of Ages' Soundtrack: Hear Tom Cruise Sing!

Every single song from Rock of Ages has leaked on the Internet, and while that is awesome, even more awesome is that we get to hear Tom Cruise sing!

For starters, Tom’s voice is nearly unrecognizable! He sounds like a high-pitched Axl Rose.

In the Russell Brand and Tom Cruise duet “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” the guys tap into their softer sides and also, it’s weird hearing Brand without an accent.

The best clip, by far, is Tom Cruise singing the Def Leppard classic, “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” It’s pretty good. Actually, he sounds like those rockstar impersonators that you hire for Bar Mitzvahs. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Either way, it’s just super gratifying to hear Tom Cruise say the words “Pour some sugar” and also “I’m hot, sticky sweet.” Oh gawwdd.

Overall, Tom appears on most of the tracks.

The best part of the soundtrack leak, by far, is hearing the flick's new star Diego Boneta, who has an amazing voice! On “I Wanna Rock” he channels Freddie Mercury, Green Day, and even some Steven Tyler.

Diego Boneta is all kinds of brilliant.

Then there is Julianne Hough’s singing - she sings almost exactly like Britney Spears. On the Mary J. Blige assisted track “Harden My Heart” she sounds exactly like Britney spears with a hint of Jessica Simpson.

Oh and of course, the leak involves a bunch of Mary J. Blige tracks and of course Blige proves that not only can she sing R&B standards, hip hop hits, but can also totally rock out!

Do yourself a favor and give the soundtrack a listen.