Katie on Tom: He Spoils Suri Rotten!

November 24, 2009 By:
Katie on Tom: He Spoils Suri Rotten!

Suri Cruise seems like she’s always paling around with mommy Katie Holmes, but we hear she’s a total daddy’s girl!

New reports suggest Katie is concerned because she thinks husband Tom Cruise is spoiling their little girl a little too much!

Sources tell Star magazine, Katie is worried three-year-old Suri is turning into a little diva because Tom can’t tell her no. “Tom dotes on Suri,” spilled an insider.

“He lets her do anything she wants, from eating cupcakes for breakfast to drawing on the walls. He never says no to her.”

With that cute face, we’d have a hard time saying no too! But the source says Tom’s laid-back parenting style is putting a strain on their marriage. And now even Suri’s nannies and housekeepers won’t say no to her for fear that they’ll lose their jobs!

The source continues, “Katie is worried that Suri will turn into a spoiled brat no one will want to be around. If Suri wants to draw pictures on Tom’s mahogany paneling, she does. Tom’s already had to replace the paneling twice in six months!”

Sounds like a typical toddler to us! But Katie is right in setting boundaries now, so she’ll grow up to be a little lady just like mom!