July 18 Celebrity Roundup: It's Headline Wednesday!

July 18, 2012 By:

Do you smell that? It’s the scent of celebrity mischief.

This week brings with it another exciting show of celebrity and entertainment happenings. But, despite anything that managed to poke through the headlines, Tom and Katie’s split still reigns supreme.

From “Tom’s Shattered World” to “Katie’s Hookup!” to “Tom’s Revenge,” everyone is diving into the public-secret world of what’s going down behind the doors of this shockingly sudden, but impressively amicable separation.

Everything else continues to pale in comparison to this mega story…

Stuff that did happen? Sofia Vergara’s reportedly engaged, Naomi Watts is Princess Diana, “The Bachelorette” main girl, Emily Maynard, is down to two men, and “American Idol” is bleeding judges.

One thing that we should highlight is the sad story of Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage, who was found dead in his Hollywood Hills home. The family is awaiting results of an autopsy.

Here’s the full rundown of what went down this week. Gather ‘round, kids… It’s time for your Celebrity Roundup.


“Tom’s Shattered World” – It’s been three covers since the divorce and Tom and Katie and they’re still making People’s front page. More importantly, Tom is still reportedly crying about it.

“Bethenny: How I Saved My Marriage” – The richest Housewife is speaking up about how she held on to Jason.

“Stallone’s Son, His Tragic Death” – Sad news… Exclusive details of Sage Stallone’s sudden death. Suicide is probably not the cause, though prescription pill bottles were found on the scene.

“Jessica’s Weight Loss Battle” – Jessica Simpson is still trying to take off the double-digit poundage she put on while carrying Maxwell.

US Weekly:

“Katie Takes Control” – Holmes allegedly puts her Catholic foot down. Suri gets a new home, new school, new rules, and new friends…

“Inside Emily’s Big Decision” – Did “The Bachelorette” finally find her match?

“Engaged 4 Weeks After Splitting” – Sofia Vergara has had enough of this on-again, off-again thing with Nick Loeb. She reportedly puts a ring on it.

“Princess Diana Flashbacks!” – OMFG… Check out Naomi Watts as Princess Diana. It’s uncanny!


“Tom’s Secret Plans for Suri” – Time to crank up the Hollywood laser beams and turn the six-year-old’s brain onto Scientology.

“Bachelorette: Behind Her choice” – A scientific breakdown of the differences between Arie and Jeff.

“Kate & Will: Beach Photo Scandal” – Royalty goes to the beach too! Hope they remembered sunscreen…

“Angelina’s Shocking Wedding Gift” – A bible from Brad’s mom… GASP!

“The End of Idol” – Steven Tyler jumped ship, J.Lo reportedly turned down $20 million, and Randy’s old… Could this be the end or a new beginning for “Idol.” Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, and Fergie are rumored to be stepping in.

Life & Style:

“Raising Kids Alone” – Scott Disick is absent and new mom Kourtney’s gotta raise da kids herself.

“What Have I Done?” – Did “Bachelorette” star Emily Maynard choose the wrong dude?


“Rob & Kristen’s Intimate Tell-All!” – Now that they’re married… (Wait what?) The Twilight stars talk about the wedding and their wild bedroom life.

“Tom’s Revenge” – Tom’s already scoping the field to pick out his next wife. Take that, Katie!

“’Teen Mom’ Amber Admits ‘I Love Prison!’” – The clothes, the company, the smell… Ahhhh. That’s livin’!


“Katie’s Hot hookup!” – Katie allegedly gets it on with her hot ex Chris Klein!

“Demi’s Relapse”- After seeming to have her life back on track, Demi Moore could reportedly be back to the whipped cream cans and her daughters ain’t happy.

“Boob Job Shocker” – Kristen Stewart is large and in charge!

National Enquirer:

“Tom’s Outrage Over Suri Paternity Question” – Tom is not happy that Suri has no idea who he is. Also Scientology has reportedly chosen a new suitor for him. Sweet…

“Barbara Streisand’s Dirty Secret!” – Babs’ son could be gearing up to write a tell-all book about his diva mom.

“Kennedy Son Is Grave Robber!” – Enough said!