Former Scientologists Livid Over Tom Cruise Visitation With Suri

July 11, 2012 By:
Former Scientologists Livid Over Tom Cruise Visitation With Suri

Word on the street is that Scientology has strict rules about fraternizing with Scientology defectors. Why does this matter? Because according to Scientology, it means that Tom Cruise should not be able to see/speak to/or even look at Katie Holmes and his daughter Suri now that they've divorced and Katie Holmes has left the church.

However, like all things in Hollywood, celebrities always get a “get out of jail free” card. Whether it’s jail time, a DUI, or bizarro Scientology rules on talking to ex-members whether family or not, all celebrities get to ignore the rules.

A bunch of ex-Scientologists talked to The Village Voice about their own experiences with defecting from Scientology saying that once you leave the religion, you become a “Suppressive Person” (or “SP”) and are labeled an enemy of the church. Once this happens, the church, or Xenu, or whatever is running the church of Scientology these days, mandates that the SP cannot have any contact with practicing Scientologists - including their own parents, siblings and children.

This means that Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are the most famous SPs in all of Scientology right now. Essentially, these two are public enemies number #1 and #2.

However, since Tom and Katie reached a very amicable decision on their split and announced that Katie will have custody of Suri with Tom getting “visitation rights,” a lot of Scientologists are saying that Tom isn’t following the rules of Scientology and that he’s being a hypocrite because he’s getting the celebrity treatment, because duh, he IS a celebrity.

Basically, all these ex-Scientologists are livid because the church banned them from seeing their loved ones, but the church is letting Tom see Katie and Suri.

Seems like Scientology changes the rules daily, or maybe if you just pay your way to the top, as Tom has, you get to do whatever you want?