Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Cruise

June 15, 2012 By:
Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Cruise

Think you know everything there is to know about Tom Cruise? Yeah, he jumps on couches, Mission: Impossible movies, Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes & Nicole Kidman, Scientology, Rock of Ages, what else is there to know?

Here are five things you might not have known about Tom Cruise.

1) He was almost a priest: Imagine going to confession with Tom Cruise? When Cruise was 14, he didn’t want to be famous, he wanted to be a priest. For a year he left home and lived in a Catholic seminary. After a year he dropped out, decided to become an actor and now he’s a Scientologist. Go figure.

2) He owns a film studio: Did you know that Tom Cruise and his producing partner Paula Wagner run United Artists (UA) studios? UA is owned by MGM but is kind of a now defunct studio, but under Cruise’s reign they released Hot Tub Time Machine and the remake of the movie musical Fame.

3) He Doesn’t Want Any More Kids: This Tom Cruise is closed for business! Cruise recently told People magazine that he doesn’t want any more kids. He has two adopted children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman and of course his daughter with Katie Holmes, Suri. “I’m so happy with three. I’m enjoying every second with Suri that I have. And I’m enjoying the relationship with my older kids, and the way it is right now,” said Cruise.

4) He Is Philanthropic: Back in 1996 Tom Cruise witnessed a hit-and-run accident in L.A. He called 911 and stayed with the woman until the ambulance arrived. When he found out the woman didn’t have medical insurance he picked up the $7000 medical bill!

5) He’s a Good Luck Charm: He’s been nominated for three Oscars himself but nine other actors that have co-starred with Tom Cruise have gotten Academy Award nominations themselves: Paul Newman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Holly Hunter, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ken Watanabe, Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. Talk about a good luck charm.