Tom Cruise Opinion Poll Scandal

April 19, 2006 By:

First and foremost I would like to start the blog by mentioning that Hollyscoop was the first one to catch on that Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields had the baby concurrently. Was it that hard people? Ok now onto the juicy stuff.

Tom Cruise really wants to convince us that he’s not a psycho…but somehow it always backfires! American magazine Parade has thrown out the results of a TOM CRUISE opinion poll, after they grew suspicious of the surprising landslide majority.

Parade's website recently asked online readers if they blamed Cruise or the media for his disastrous public relations last year, and the magazine head honchos were stunned to find that 84% of respondents blamed the press! Fishy fishy!

Cruise was ridiculed in the press for his many public declarations of love for fiancé KATIE HOLMES (think couch jumping among other ridiculous acts) and his claims of medical expertise thanks to his controversial cult religion Scientology.

Parade publicist ALEXIS COLLADO tells website, "We at Parade found this a little bit fishy, so we did some investigating. We found out more than 14,000 (of the 18,000-plus votes) that came in were cast from only 10 computers! "One computer was responsible for nearly 8,400 votes alone, all blaming the media for Tom's troubles.

"We also discovered that at least two other machines were the sources of inordinate numbers of votes. It seems these folks resorted to extraordinary measures to try to portray Tom in a positive light for the survey.

"There is even a chance they wrote a special 'bot' program for the sole purpose of skewing the results, rather than casting the votes by hand on a computer."