Tom Cruise to Sit Down With Matt Lauer Again!

December 10, 2008 By:
Tom Cruise to Sit Down With Matt Lauer Again!

We never thought we’d ever see Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer in the same room as each other! Not after that “You’re glib” comment Tom made to Matt. But miracles do happen, and the two guys are looking past their differences for the sake of ratings.

Three years later, Tom is scheduled to appear on the Today Show this coming Monday, December 15th. This time, the conversation will stick to Tom’s upcoming movie Valkyrie, Katie, Suri, and his other two children Connor and Isabella.

It seems enough time has gone by for Tom and Matt to get over their differences. Tom even made light of his statements in 2007 about the use of anti-depressants while at a roast for Matt Lauer.

Well we think as long as they stick to family and Tom’s movie, there won’t be any on-air fist fights! Tune in Monday for the interview, but for good measure we've posted the last interview with Matt. Tom was definitely a different person in 2005.