'TODAY' Show Seat Next To Matt Lauer Heats Up

June 26, 2012 By:
'TODAY' Show Seat Next To Matt Lauer Heats Up

Less and less attention is being paid to the actual news as the behind the scenes drama continues on the Today show.

As was discussed last week, Ann Curry is definitely out as co-host. But TMZ has the details as to why she’s still sitting beside Matt Lauer on what used to be America’s fav morning show -- despite that other show that has “America” in it’s title.

So here’s the math. Ann is one year into a three-year contract that promises her a yearly salary of $10 million dollars. Curry and her legal time are seeking the full $20 mill from NBC to buy her out, who would reserve the right to keep her from working for a couple years.

But NBC is trying to save some face and some serious cash by offering her $10 mill and a job as a foreign correspondent.

Though that sounds an awful lot like they are going to ship her overseas and try to forget about her, we think it’s a legit job, but we know its definitely a serious demotion.

Anyway, whatever it is that will be decided upon once all the papers are signed, an inside source is confirming that Savannah Guthrie has already penned her name to a fresh contract as Curry’s replacement.

For those of you that chose to sleep through morning programming, the New York Daily News is running a “Who is Savannah Guthrie….?” piece. Thanks NYDN.

Guthrie, a 40-year-old lawyer who entered the biz on Tru TV/Court TV and has since worked her way up to co-host of the third hour of Today, is said to be, “smart, quick-witted, attractive and able to swing easily between the serious and the silly, seeming at ease with both.”

In addition, she has “the same combination of traits that made predecessors like Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira so successful…”

Read: she’s more like the hosts of Today’s past that the people liked better.

We say, hold out for the big payday Ann, you don’t want to “correspond” for people who clearly don’t appreciate you!