Underground Celebrity Poker Games Included Hookers and Blow

June 24, 2011 By:
Underground Celebrity Poker Games Included Hookers and Blow

If we’ve learned anything from Scorsese movies, it’s that you can’t have an illegal underground poker ring without hookers and blow.

It’s now being revealed that the million dollar gambling games that recently busted A-list stars like Toby Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, included cocaine and prostitutes. No surprise there. When I first heard about this, I just assumed it included two strung out, down-on-their luck prostitutes offering their butts up as a table for cutting coke. What did we think they were serving for refreshments, lemonade and cookies? This isn’t high tea at Buckingham Palace, it’s gambling at the Viper Room.

A source tells Star magazine:

“It was known to a handful of us that one player would keep two hookers down the hall of the hotel in another room. He would disappear for 30-minutes at a time, leaving the main players in the game frustrated. In reality, he was getting to do blow (in a room with) two hookers.”

We all know that guy, am I right? Apparently Maguire, DiCaprio, Damon and Ben Affleck had no knowledge of the hookers and drugs. Armed guards stood watch while the money was being transferred during the games.

News of the illegal games broke after Maguire was listed in a related lawsuit. CEO Brad Ruderman, a Beverly Hills hedge fund manager who is currently in jail, is charged with using client money to pay gamblers, including Maguire. His former clients are suing everyone who won money from Ruderman.