Tobey Maguire Settles Underground Poker Ring Lawsuit

November 28, 2011 By:
Tobey Maguire Settles Underground Poker Ring Lawsuit

No, he didn't just have a bad hand, Tobey Maguire paid $80,000 to settle in a lawsuit against a high-stakes poker ring.

Tobey was one of twenty-two people sued over the summer for partaking in a bunch of underground poker games headed by Ponzi schemer Bradley Ruderman.

I'm pretty sure you can get this whole story by watching Ocean's Eleven, but I'll summarize. Ruderman was a hedge fund manager who lost millions of dollars in his super secret, celebrity poker get-togethers. They'd meet at various places in Hollywood, including the famed Viper Room.

And here I thought guys played poker at their kitchen tables while their wives brought them little sandwiches. Everything I've learned from reruns of Roseanne is wrong.

Anyway, Ruderman went to jail, and also went bankrupt after a bunch of celebs took him to the cleaners. End of story, right? Not quite. The creditors of his bankrupt company wanted to get back his reported $300,000 loss from those games, arguing that the players, including Tobey Maguire, took money that wasn't Ruderman's. Basically, the guy was playing with someone else's cash.

The creditors filed a lawsuit, but Maguire decided to settle for $80,000, in an agreement dated November 18. The judge will sign off on the terms next month.

Howard Ehernberg, the trustee who sued the group, says that the settlements total more than $1.7 million. He added that Tobey's settlement amount was about the same as other celebs:

"He did not end up with any better settlement than the others," Ehernberg said.

In the docs filed, Tobey stated that he "strongly disputes that he violated any laws, rules or regulations in regard to participating in the poker games" but he decided to pay the settlement amount to avoid a costly court case.

Other celebs involved in the ring were Ben Affleck, A. Rod, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.

Insiders say that A.Rod gambled on at least two occasions, and during the games, cocaine was openly used by participants. And, according to the onlooker, A.Rod was a sore loser:

“He didn’t want to deal with it at all. He was like, ‘OK, whatever. It’s your game.’ I would estimate A-Rod lost, like, a few thousand dollars that night. After everything that happened, he paid-up and left.”

Yeah, I think if I lost a few thousand dollars in one night, I'd be a sore loser, too.