Tobey Maguire Denies Playing Illegal Poker

June 30, 2011 By:
Tobey Maguire Denies Playing Illegal Poker

Tobey Maguire and a slew of other high profile celebs were recently involved in a series of illegal Texas Hold ‘Em poker matches held at upscale Beverly Hills hotels.

Now a bankruptcy trustee sued Maguire and 21 others in March, alleging the group should have to return the more than $4 million they won from Ponzi Scheme operator Bradley Ruderman.

Maguire is now filing legal documents to deny any claims that he participated in illegal poker games.

Maguire is saying that the celeb infested poker games were not “controlled games” which means they don’t require the host to have a license.

Maguire took the most money from Ruderman during the matches, so he’s also been alleged of scheming to defraud Ruderman, which Maguire also says is untrue.

Tobey “admits that he was invited to participate in the Poker Games” but denies that there was a “regular roster of players consisting of wealthy celebrities, entrepreneurs, attorneys and businessmen.”

Basically, Maguire’s lawyer drafted up some legal mumbo-jumbo that’s supposed to save his ass.