Tobey Maguire and Other Celebs Sued in Underground Gambling Scandal

June 22, 2011 By:
Tobey Maguire and Other Celebs Sued in Underground Gambling Scandal

Our economy is still in shambles, and as it turns out, it's all Spider-Man's fault.

Along with a bunch of other A-list celebrities, Tobey Maguire is being sued in connection with high stakes, illegal underground poker games along with Brad Ruderman, who was jailed for losing $25 million of investor money in his hedge fund.

Billionaire Alec Gores, one of America's richest men, is also being sued. A lawsuit filed in the US Bankruptcy Court claims that Gores won $445,400 from Ruderman, and the money was illegally transferred from clients' investment accounts.

But with the condition of our stock market, poker might actually be a safer gamble. I think I'd rather invest in a celebrity death pool than the stock market. Oh right, I'm poor.

The illegal games were played at various Los Angeles locations—the luxurious Beverly Hills hotel, The Viper Room, and the Four Seasons.

Other stars who were involved in the Texas Hold 'em games were Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. Maguire won more than $300,000 of allegedly embezzled money. And apparently, he's cheap, too. Fellow gambler Dan Blizerian faces a $100,000 lawsuit, and says Tobey is a "total jerk off."

But I don’t know how seriously I can take someone who casually tosses around nineties slang like "jerk off".

"He's cheap as f-ck and plays like a cheap b-tch," Blizerian says. "A guy who's worth all that money playing as if he's broke. Come on, dude."