Tina Fey To Be Vanity Fair Cover Girl Again

October 22, 2008 By:
Tina Fey To Be Vanity Fair Cover Girl Again

Forget the gorgeous models and Hollywood starlets. Right now, the person every girl is looking up to is Tina Fey. She’s proved you don’t have to adopt an army of babies from other countries or be drop dead gorgeous to be awesome. You just have to be funny.

Annie Leibovitz seems quite taken with Tina, as she’s going to be photographing her again for the cover of Vanity Fair. Just last April, Fey graced the cover with Sarah Silverman and Amy Poehler with the posed question, “Who says women aren’t funny?”

Now, with Tina’s spot-on Sarah Palin impression, she’s won over the hearts of America, And VF wants her back. This time, Tina won’t get any help from the other funny ladies.

She’s holding her own as cover girl. A source at Radar says, “Tina was joking around about how she was scared to work with Leibovitz alone this time.”

If you ask us, it should be the other way around! Tina’s on top of the world right now!