Diddy Wants To Get On 30 Rock

December 18, 2008 By:
Diddy Wants To Get On 30 Rock

P. Diddy wants to give Tina Fey a run for her money. That’s right, he’s tired of seeing all these other people get their chance to guest star on 30 Rock, and he wants to be the next!

Diddy must have the acting bug, since he’s not only guest starring on CSI: Miami, but he has some movies coming out too. When recently talking to E!’s Michael Yo, Diddy dished on where he really wants to be in the next couple of years.

He tells him, "I'm definitely trying to holler at Tina Fey," Diddy himself admits. "Me and Tracy [Morgan], we've been talking, and we got a scheme up our sleeves. I'm definitely trying to get in on that in the next two years, for real.”

We could definitely see Diddy and Tracy Morgan coming up with a hilarious plot for his episode. But Diddy insists his actor persona is humble, and he doesn’t even mind going to a real audition to land the part.

Diddy says, “I’m out here in Hollywood going on auditions. So you directors out there, for real, I’m an actor for hire. I have no shame in my game. You tell me where to be, and I’ll audition, ok”

Wow, sounds like he’s pretty serious! But we highly doubt any director is seriously going to make Diddy audition for them. Hopefully Tina Fey got the memo: Diddy wants to be on 30 Rock! It's actually pretty funny that everyone is trying to hook-up(not literally) with Tina Fey since she's the hottest thing in Hollywood right now.