Tin Man Recap

December 3, 2007 By:
Tin Man Recap

Alan Cumming, Richard Dreyfus and Zooey Deschanel
lured me into watching this series. There's no way all
three of them would be involved in something bad,

Tin Man wasn't bad, it just wasn't all that
good. In the end, it was exactly what I should have
expected from the Sci Fi channel on a Sunday night.

How bored did Zooey Deschanel look?  I felt like i was
seeing the millionth take of every scene she shot. And
didn't seeing Richard Dreyfus as a druggie clairvoyant
take you back to that part in Mr. Holland's Opus where
he has an affair? That's not a Dreyfus moment anybody
wants to go back to.

Alan Cumming was pretty good, but
it wasn't enough.  There's another segment of the
series showing tomorrow night, but I'll probably be
watching 'Samantha Who?'