Tim Tebow's Mystery Girlfriend Revealed

October 31, 2012 By:
Tim Tebow's Mystery Girlfriend Revealed

Tim Tebow has a girlfriend and it’s not Taylor Swift—though, he’s probably one of the few guys she hasn’t partnered up with in her Hollywood boyfriend-dumping marathon.

It is being reported that the NFL’r has officially stepped out with his new first lady. The lucky girl? Hear this, readers: It’s actress Camilla Belle.

TMZ is reporting the girlfriend shocker…The couple was spotted at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida where they reportedly bowled and partied the night away together.

Some of you may recognize Belle as the girl who walked around with a phone in her ear for an hour and a half in the remake of When a Stranger Calls. But most of you probably know her as the ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas from years past.

Being a dude, I kind of shrugged this one off. But this is apparently huge news in the gossip world because upon hearing the report the entire female population of the Hollyscoop office let out a collective sigh, many of whom I can only assume don’t know the difference between a tight end and a wide receiver…

I was informed by one of these very staffers that “Tim Tebow relationship anything is cause for a national holiday and a half day of mourning.”

What I’m saying is Tim Tebow—if you’re into guys—is like the Holy Grail of man babes. The fact that the Holy Grail is now off the market is a major blow.

So, while you’re busy sopping up tears in between double-sobs and scoops of Baskin-Robins ice cream because the girl on Tebow’s arm is not you, know that you are not alone. We here at Hollyscoop feel your pain.

Plus, they’ll probably break up in a week anyway, right? (#wishfulthinking)